Plant Growth Regulators

Plant Growth Regulators, Humates & Chelated Micro-Nutrients

We sell three main plant growth regulator blends that are effective for use in Canadian field crops. Those products are EZ-Gro Prime, Ez-Gro K and EZ-Gro Cytokelp. These products are all CFIA approved. Read more about each of these products below. We also carry various other products for use in other applications (greenhouses, golf courses, gardens, etc) as well as stand-alone PGRs, Humates and Chelated Micro-nutrients. See more about all of these products below.

​​Other Agricultural Liquids

​EZ-Gro Armour L (0-0-15)
Armour L (0-0-15) Label
​​EZ-Gro SA-L (10%)
SA-L Label
​​​EZ-Gro Chitosan
Chitosan Label
​EZ-Gro (5-15-5) RTC
(5-15-5) RTC Label
​​EZ-Gro SA-L (10%)
SA-L Label

​Agricultural Powders

​EZ-Gro (0-0-3)
Fulvic Acid 70%
Fulvic Acid (0-0-3) Label
​EZ-Gro (0-0-5)
Humic Acid
(0-0-5) Humic Acid Label
EZ-Gro Amino
Grow (13-0-0)
Amino Grow (13-0-0) Label
EZ-Gro Armour
P (0-0-30)
Armour P (0-0-30) Label
EZ-Gro SA-P Label
EZ-Gro Betaine Label
Nitrogen (18-0-0)
Amino Grow (13-0-0) Label

​​Amino Acid Chelates

​EZ-Gro Boron
EZ-Gro Boron Label
​EZ-Gro Calcium
EZ-Gro Calcium Label
EZ-Gro Copper
EZ-Gro Copper Label
EZ-Gro Magnesium
EZ-Gro Magnesium Label
​EZ-Gro Manganese
EZ-Gro Manganese Label