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Johnstons Grain Online Trading Platform

Johnston’s Grain Online
is an all in one platform allowing Growers and Buyers to buy and sell commodities with our intuitive grain trading technology.Johnston’s Online revolutionizes trading by offering fast trading and being able to filter and search commodities based on options, qualities, and attributes.

Johnston’s Online goes above and beyond the standard brokerage by simplifying the trading process. Our platform incorporates real time pricing information right at your fingertips and allows traders to negotiate prices based on commodity attributes.

Online Trading Platform FAQs

Trader Platform

– Brokerage on Johnston’s Online is as follows:

o Wheat, Canola, Soybeans, Corn and all Feed Grain: 0.75% of contract value

o All other commodities: 1% of contract value

o Volume Discounts for Brokerage:

§ Contracts of 2000+ Mt discounted at 0.25% of rate posted above

§ Contracts of 8000+ Mt discounted at 0.5% of rate posted above

– We find that over 85% of contracts are over-delivered and therefore using ‘% of contract value’ this should be in the favour of the party paying the brokerage.

– If under-delivery over 5% occurs, we will edit our invoices.

**SPECIAL NOTE: If additional contracts are created between the same buyer and seller, for the same commodity, within 1 week of the Johnston’s contract date, or if the initial contract is extended by any amount, Johnston’s will expect brokerage payments for these additional tonnes. It is the obligation of both the buyer and the seller to report these additional tonnes traded to Johnston’s. Failure to do so could result in suspension of services or removal from the platform.**

Trader Platform

– On our system the seller is responsible for all brokerage fees.

All Platforms

– Brokerage is due immediately upon completion of the transaction. Johnston’s considers receipt of payment from the buyer as the conclusion of the transaction.

Trader Platform

– Johnston’s only allows thoroughly vetted buyers and sellers to use the trading platform. We vet each company who applies to use our system individually. The categories that we vet our buyer’s on are:

o Years of operation

o Trade references

o Bank reference

o Johnston’s Discretion (Do we have complete confidence in the buyer/seller to execute)

o Financials, if deemed necessary

– We also have user profiles such as ‘Supplier Only’ that can limit the types of transactions that a user is permitted to take part in.

Trader Platform

– Johnston’s has a long track record of getting people paid in full and on-time. However, given the nature of this platform, we have even more measures available to us to ensure that users are paid within contract terms on this platform.

o Each user is given a credit limit and the system does not allow the user to take part in trades that exceed that credit limit. Credit limits are cleared when users mark their transactions as paid in the ‘Contracts’ tab of their profile.

o Each user is given a rating by the counter party after a transaction is completed. These user ratings are monitored by Johnston’s. If a user’s rating drops below a certain threshold Johnston’s can revoke a user’s trading privileges.

o Aggregating transactions on a platform like Johnston’s Online allows us to watch buyer performance in real-time. If user ratings begin to drop because of payment delays, we are able to respond in real-time as well. Options like lowering credit limits and revoking trading permission are at our disposal. We can manage this more easily than individual parties who are trying to manage credit exposure on their own.

o In the event of a default, the defaulting party’s name can be listed on a creditors list by Johnston’s. This is done at Johnston’s discretion and only if deemed necessary.

§ **We are working on negotiating a deal that will allow us to ensure every trade done through our platform with Credit Risk Insurance. This insurance would guarantee 90% payment in the event of a default by an insured buyer.**

o In the event of a default, Johnston’s will support the seller by all legal means necessary to help them recoup their costs. But the goal is to maintain a platform with users who are credit-worthy and ethical.

All Platforms

– Johnston’s will be the initial arbitrator of any trade disputes that take place on the platform.

– If the disputes can not be resolved by Johnston’s, then we will defer to the arbitration body that was agreed to by both the buyer and the seller on our contract document. This could be the NGFA, CSCA, GPC or GAFTA.

All Platforms

– Send an email to info@johnstonsgrain.com or call 1.844.324.7778 (toll-free) and it will be addressed immediately.

– We should be able to respond to these requests within minutes if all necessary information is available.

Domestic Grain Brokerage

Johnstons Grain Domestic Grain Brokerage

We help growers contract any type of grain that is produced in Canada and the Northern United States. We have markets for any quality of grain from #1 to severely damaged product. For quotes or bids please contact one of our offices and ask to speak to one of our grain brokers. Below is a short list of products that we’re able to market here at Johnston’s.

  • Milling Wheat & Durum
  • Pulses (Lentils, Peas, Beans, Chickpeas)
  • Oilseeds (Canola, Flax, Mustards)
  • Cereals (Malt Barley, Milling Oats, Canary Seed)
  • Feed Grains (Barley, Wheat, Oats, Corn, Beans, Peas)
  • Damaged and Heated Grain
Freight Brokerage

Johnstons Grain Freight Brokerage Services

Johnston’s is pleased to announce that we now offer logistics services in the form of bulk, deck and van truck freight brokerage. We’re also working with CN and CP to help new buyers in this market get access to rail car and container loading options. If you’re having trouble getting access to rail cars or containers or if you’re looking for a freight rate for shipping grain, fertilizer, machinery or any other products please contact our Calgary, AB office at 1.844.324.7778.

Bulk Trucks

We’re working with a network of 75+ carriers that represent more than 750 trucks. We provide instant quotes and competitive rates to grain growers, grain buyers, processing companies, elevator companies, fertilizer retailers, etc. for any lanes within Western Canada and the Northern United States. We work mostly with super B haulers but we have carriers who run tri-axles, tandems and several other types of trucks as well.

Deck Trucks

Our deck truck freight brokerage services started by necessity as we needed to find the most competitive rates available to move hay into Southwest, SK and Alberta last summer during the drought. We’ve aligned ourselves with several very reliable carriers and we can ship anything from hay to machinery to scrap metal. Call us today for rates on any lane in Western Canada.

Semi Trucks

We’ve been able to help some of our clients recently by finding competitive rates for shipping products such as hops plants, dairy mineral and other ag related products that require bulk truck shipment across Canada. We are not limited to the shipment of ag products but we are committed to finding you the most competitive rates on any product that requires shipping.