Johnston’s Community Building Initiative

As a new years resolution, the ownership at Johnston’s Grain has been looking for a way to give back to the rural communities that support our company so well. Being a company that has a very broadly distributed client base we understand that Johnston’s needs to spread its wings beyond the communities that have Johnston’s facilities in them. To facilitate this we’re excited to announce the launch of the “Johnston’s Community Building Initiative”.

 Each year we will be setting some money aside to help fund small town projects in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. We invite people that are passionate about initiatives in their home town to submit an essay to Johnston’s Grain about projects that require funding and what those projects would mean to their communities. Each year we will select one or more of these projects and do our part by submitting funding to help make these projects a reality. We will be accepting these essays from Mar 1st – May 31st and we will respond to each applicant that is going to receive funding by June 15th.

 All of our owners grew up in rural, Western Canadian communities and we understand how difficult it can be to fund these projects in a small town. We are excited to have a chance to give back to rural communities that support us so well and we welcome anybody that is interested in this initiative to submit the form below or contact us at [email protected] for more information.


Community Building  Initiative Application Form

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