Johnston’s Daily Email

The Johnston’s Daily Email is a marketing tool used by many of our farm clients. This email includes a bid sheet that we update daily that includes both spot and new crop pricing on each commodity that we trade. The bid sheet is a useful tool but more important than the bid sheet is that we publish all grain trades that are done through the Welwyn, SK and Calgary, AB offices. Posting our trades allows our growers to track what each commodity is trading for in a given freight area on a daily basis.

If we plan on announcing a sale on one of the retail products that we sell or if we have a special grain price to offer on a given day, this is how we get the word out. We charge $100/yr for this service but you’ll find that it’s well worth it when you get those extra $0.25/bushel or when you save $0.25/litre on your glyphosate.

To sign up for this product please call one of our offices. For a better idea of what this product looks like please see the sample below.

Call us to sign up for Johnston’s Email
Calgary office: 1-844-324-7778   |    Welwyn Office: 1-800-324-7778